As one of the oldest plantations in Indonesia, of course you can find old colonial architectural style buildings at De Karanganjar. Some of the old buildings were converted into museums which are one of the tourist attractions in De Karanganjar.


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The Lodge House is one of the exhibition that you should not miss when visiting De Karanganjar. The word "lodji" comes from the word "lodge" which means more or less "fortress". But of course The Lodge House is not a fort in the usual sense. The building which was probably erected by the Dutch who first settled here is more than a century old. If you visit this museum, you can get to know the Roeshadi family, who have managed this plantation for three generations. However, one that cannot be missed is Room 806 which is dedicated to President Sukarno who in 1957 came and rested in the room for several hours.


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The name of this museum is taken from the name "Herry Noegroho", one of the owners of this plantation who had served as regent of Blitar for 2.5 periods. The reason behind the name is because the collections in it are mostly private collections of Herry Noegroho, and also his son Wima Brahmantya who was the chairman of the Blitar Regency Arts Council. In this museum there is a collection of heirlooms belonging to the ancestors, including the highly sacred Gong Mbah Gimbal. In addition to the presence of beautiful paintings, one thing that should not be missed is the collection of native Blitar Tutur Batik that has been brought to the Netherlands for more than a century.

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